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  • Ability to align diverse objectives in business and IT divisions through effective IT governance – COBIT
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills in global business and IT environments
  • Nine years experience in Global IT Project Management
  • Five years Java programming experience
  • Ability to design scalable and redundant cross discipline global solutions centering on network management, monitoring and automation
  • Solid experience in implementation and administration of Linux and Windows based servers and applications
  • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin Taiwanese


Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Expert) 9 to 10 Years – • Red Hat Certified Engineer, Certification Number: 804006461222836
VMware ESX (Advanced) 2 to 3 Years
VMware vCenter Server (Advanced) 2 to 3 Years
SAN/NAS Storage Management (Advanced) 4 to 5 Years – EMC CX 200,CX300/IBM DS 4800
Network Administration (Expert) 4 to 5 Years – LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, Firewall Management, NTP
Operation System Administration (Expert) 5 to 6 Years – Centos, Ubuntu, Windows Server 2K/2K3/2K8, Apple OS X
Apache Tomcat Server (Expert) 8 to 9 Years – include cluster configuration
Oracle Application Server (Expert) 4 to 5 Years – Running on RHEL 3.x – 5.x with coneect to Oracle database 9i and 10g
MySQL (Advanced) 4 to 5 Years
PostgreSQL (Advanced) 2 to 3 Years
Java (Expert) 4 to 5 Years – J2SE 4.x-6.x
JSP (Expert) 4 to 5 Years
PHP (Intermediate) 1 to 2 Years
Linux Kernel (Advanced) 4 to 5 Years
ORACLE SQL Programming (Intermediate) 2 to 3 Years
JSF (Intermediate) 1 to 2 Years
Hibernate (Intermediate) 1 to 2 Years
JBoss (Intermediate) 1 to 2 Years
MVC model architectures (Advanced) 4 to 5 Years
Shell scripting (Advanced) 4 to 5 Years
Perl (Intermediate) 1 to 2 Years
Python (Intermediate) 0 to 1 Year
Regular Expression (Advanced) 4 to 5 Years
IBM WebSphere MQ (Expert) 5 to 6 Years
AS2 (Expert) 5 to 6 Years
OFTP (Expert) 4 to 5 Years
FTPS (Expert) 4 to 5 Years
FTP (Expert) 8 to 9 Years
Cacti (Intermediate) 1 to 2 Years
OpenNMS (Advanced) 2 to 3 Years
SNMP v3 (Intermediate) 2 to 3 Years
LDAP (Intermediate) 2 to 3 Years
Windows Active Directory (Intermediate) 2 to 3 Years
Mail Server (Advanced) 4 to 5 Years
NFS (Intermediate) 3 to 4 Years
IBM Lotus Notes Domino (Intermediate) 4 to 5 Years
DNS/Bind (Expert) 3 to 4 Years
IP Routing (Intermediate) 2 to 3 Years
OpenSSL (Advanced) 4 to 5 Years
GNOME/KDE (Advanced) 1 to 2 Years – user desktop working station
Disaster Recovery Planning and Administration (Expert) 5 to 6 Years



  • Red Hat Certified Engineer, Certification Number: 804006461222836 October 2006-October 2010


Senior Engineer (Assistant Manager)                                                                  July 2009-March 2010

Evergreen Marine Corporation, Taiwan

  • Served as team leader for application/portal server team, electronic data interchange team, and virtual machine team
  • Managed six people in MIS department
  • Evaluated and planned IT projects for the entire group (agencies and subsidiaries in over 26 countries)
  • Set IT enhancement targets on global level in alignment with business plans
  • Streamlined data process to enhance system performance
  • Led system virtualization project in 2008 and reduced server numbers from 120 to 6; Resulted in saving maintenance costs by $420K in 2009 and continued savings in 2010
  • Conducted IT pre-auditing for other company in the same enterprise
  • IT budgeting planning and procurement decision consulting


Senior Engineer (Assistant Manager)                                                                  November 2005-July 2009

Evergreen International Corporation, Taiwan

  • Assisted in planning and developing construction of machine room capable of containing 1500 machines. Mission completed in only nine months
  • Planned and conducted machine room migration without interrupting critical operations (652 servers in total, not including storage and network devices)
  • Planned and established offshore disaster recovery sites with the capacity of 600 machines
  • Conducted the routine fail over switch drill every six months (650+ servers and thousands of programs in 8 hours)
  • Maintained and enhanced the performance of global integration information systems
  • Integrated multiple worldwide e-commerce systems (converted non-Linux platform to Linux platform)
  • Integrated information systems for all service sites and subsidiaries (Converted non Java based programs to Java based programs)


Engineer                                                                                                                      June 2001-November 2005

Evergreen Marine Corporation, Taiwan

  • Created electronic cargo tracking system to show detailed, real-time shipment information from internet
  • Developed web based electronic data interchange platform
  • Created electronic sailing schedules allowing customers to search for services with up-to-date information online
  • Created e-mail delivery system for customers to track cargo shipments
  • Designed the structure of company’s first global E-Commerce platform
  • Received LOG-NET E-commerce Excellence Award, 2002/2003


Junior Engineer                                                                                                         November 2000-June 2001

Evergreen E-Commerce Corporation, Taiwan

  • Created discussion board for E-Commerce product demonstration
  • Assisted and monitored company’s new office building construction


Master of Business Administration                                                                       May 2012

LewisUniversity, Romeoville, IL                                                                             GPA3.9/4.0

Concentration: Information Security & Project Management

Capstone Project:  Strategic Management in a Global Environment                                                       

  • Conducted competitive analysis of Southwest Airlines; explored corporate vision/mission, organizational structure, industrial trends, global competitiveness and compared with three major industry players/competitors.  Conducted a SWOT analysis to generate recommendations for company to remain competitive in future.


Relevant Coursework:

Information Security Strategies and Risk Management, Legal, Social, & Ethical Foundations (Business Law), International Business in a Global Environment, Managerial Communications, Current Topics in Information Technology, Introduction to Information Security, IT Governance and Compliance (COBIT studies), Strategic Outsourcing, Principles of Six Sigma, Strategic Management in the Global Environment


Bachelor of Business Administration                                                                    June 1999

TunghaiUniversity, Taiwan

Major: Accounting



Liu, I., Bukhamseen, A., and Tellez, T.  Southwest Airlines Under the Microscope: Business Strategy Analysis (First Edition. Amazon.com: CreateSpace.



            Available at: www.danielihliu.com

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