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May, 2012

Overview three years income statements of Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Amerrican Airlines

The following financial statements were used in evaluating the efficiency within Southwest and its competitors. The structure of revenues and expenses presents the effectiveness of each year’s financial health and the result of their strategic policies. The information contained in this section was taken from the company’s annual reports, online databases, recent activity and other […]

Organizational Structure Analysis for Southwest Airlines Co.

According to Hoover’s Company Records, we know Southwest Airlines Co. (Southwest) is a passenger airline that provides scheduled air transportation in the United States. On September 26, 2010, the Company entered into a merger agreement providing for the Company’s acquisition of AirTran Holdings, Inc. (AirTran). In November 2010, the Company terminated its agreement with WestJet […]

How is Southwest performed in Domestic Airlines industry?

The Domestic Airlines industry is classified as having a medium level of concentration. IBISWorld believes that the top four industry players in this industry held a combined market share of around 50.5% in 2011. The most significant recent industry mergers were in 2008 when Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines merged and in 2010 when […]